Services related to software development and testing

We offer the following services related to project development:

  • ready-to-operate project development You do not need to worry about organizing the process of preparation for the development of the project, coordinating conflicting demands of the project, or finding optimal solutions. Our experts will take care of all this, while you will receive the interest from your investments. You are guaranteed to receive high-quality software solution for your business needs.
  • legacy-projects support and refactoring Our experts welcome not only the new projects. We are willing to help you solve the problem of being short on resources for existing projects, or redevelop and complete such projects. You do not have to worry about adapting our team to your specifics. We will take care of it ourselves.
  • optimizing the performance of existing projects. If you have similar problems and you can not find an effective solution - you can delegate this task to us. Our team will perform high-quality diagnostics with respect to your project, describe the existing problems and provide our recommendations on how to solve them. If necessary, we are ready to outsource a team of experts to complete all the required work within your project.

ProfITsoft renders the services related to software development and testing. Our areas of expertise:

  • insurance
  • finance
  • accounting systems
  • educational portals

We specialize in:

  • Web 2.0 applications
  • Legacy systems and projects
  • Web-Services
  • Optimal solutions to complex problems

Our practices:

  • Agile development
  • ATTD development process
  • constant code quality control
  • high-quality description of the objectives and requirements
  • due level of quality control
  • efficient use of resources