Software to automate insurance business

Complex automation solution for insurance business consists of two software products that are closely integrated with one another. Dividing the functionality between the two systems reduces the load on each of them individually, and also contributes to security through different access rights not only at the level of roles and privileges, but also at the level of access to the system as a whole. Yet, both systems operate with a single database, thus providing for integrity and relevance of the information at any moment of time.

The main accounting system of the insurance company is intended for complex automation of business processes of the insurance company related to carrying out insurance activities.

Unlike other insurance accounting systems, which are mainly focused on diverse accounting tasks with respect to the operations post factum, "ProfITsoft BACK-OFFICE" software is process-oriented, i.e. focused on supporting inter-related business processes, thus automating the work of the company's employees in real time.
Thanks to electronic document flow, all the tasks related to transfer / receipt of information or approval / confirmation of operations by various employees are performed in paperless form in online mode.

Quick transition between the entities of the system provides for moving from viewing the data about a client to his/her contracts or the objects s/he owns with a few clicks of the mouse. From the preview page of the contract one can move on to the client or view, for example, the data on settlements related to this contract, and so on.

Logging user actions and detailed history of the changes, including attached files and scanned copies allow you to fully control the work of users in the system and prevent unauthorized changes to the data.

The system for automating sales is intended to register insurance contracts in the system in three different modes: calculator, registering contracts or importing contracts.

Insurance calculator mode is designed to calculate the proposal in compliance with the settings available to the given seller of the rate plan; it prepares the documents for printing (application, insurance policy, invoice, etc.) and, if necessary, initiates online underwriting procedure to receive the approval with respect to non-standard terms of the contract.

Contract registering mode is designed to register contracts concluded "by hand". In this case, the calculations may be verified and the data being registered is being checked for non-standard terms under post-underwriting procedure.

Contract importing mode is designed to upload large volumes of information related to concluded contracts and received, for example, from external agents as Excel files. In this case, verification of calculations and post-underwriting check procedure are also available.

The access to "ProfITsoft FRONT-OFFICE" system can be granted by the head office of the insurance company to its subsidiaries and to any external agents and brokers, such as banks, car dealerships, gas stations, etc.